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Projecting X 2.0: How to Forecast Baseball Player Performance

In Projecting X 2.0: How to Forecast Baseball Player Performance, the eagerly anticipated follow up to the groundbreaking first version of Projecting X, FanGraphs expert and 2015 Fantasy Sports Writers Association Baseball Writer of the Year Mike Podhorzer takes you on a journey through the process of projecting baseball player performance. As he walks you through an assortment of both basic and advanced metrics, citing various pieces of relevant research along the way, you will learn the whats, whys, and hows of each statistic.

Once you become an expert on analyzing the statistics and metrics used in forecasting, you will discover how to use those newly acquired skills. A complete step-by-step tutorial on developing a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to perform the calculations is included, as well as examples of the forecasting process in action as Mike guides you through a hitter and pitcher projection.

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Watch Mike's television debut as he discusses his Projecting X 2.0 methodology on MLB Network's Hot Stove Live!

***New in Version 2.0***
• New research and more effective methods for projecting BABIP, RBI and runs scored, stolen bases, and pitcher strikeout and walk percentages
• Pitcher Quality Start projections!
• Even more screenshots of relevant data in tabular and graphical form
• Discussions about the usefulness of Spring Training stats and how new technology continues to help move the statistical revolution forward
• Excel tips and frequently asked questions to ensure your spreadsheet is immaculate

Table of Contents:
   Projection Systems
   Projection Methodology
   Spring Training
   New Technology and Statcast
Chapter 1: Projecting Hitter Performance
   Plate Appearances (PA)
   Doubles and Triples (2B and 3B)
   Strikeout Percentage (K%)
   Ground Ball, Line Drive, Fly Ball Rates (GB%/LD%/FB%)
   Batting Average on Balls in Play (BABIP)
   Home Run per Fly Ball Rate (HR/FB)
   Runs Batted In and Runs Scored (RBI and R)
   Stolen Bases (SB)
Chapter 2: Projecting Pitcher Performance
   Innings Pitched (IP)
   Strikeout Percentage (K%)
   Walk Percentage (BB%)
   Ground Ball, Line Drive, Fly Ball Rates (GB%/LD%/FB%)
   Batting Average on Balls in Play (BABIP)
   Home Run per Fly Ball Rate (HR/FB)
   Saves (SV)
Chapter 3: Creating an Excel Spreadsheet to Project Hitter Performance
Chapter 4: Developing a Hitter Projection
Chapter 5: Creating an Excel Spreadsheet to Project Pitcher Performance
Chapter 6: Developing a Pitcher Projection
Chapter 7: Putting a Bow on It
Chapter 8: Frequently Asked Questions
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"Comprehensive discussion of the metrics that feed the forecasting process, plus a step-by-step tutorial on creating your own spreadsheet projections. Great springboard to calculate your own expectations for the coming season." - Ron Shandler, BaseballHQ

"This book gives a very good explanation of what factors to consider when trying to project various stats. It is concise, which is good...but also tells you where to look if you want more details on a particular subject. The explanation of how to set this all up in Excel is also very helpful, especially for tech-challenged people like me." - Larry Schechter, six-time Tout Wars champion

"This is every fantasy baseball nerds dream, and if you have ever considered putting together your own projections, this book is a must own on your road to becoming a fantasy baseball guru. The step-by-step excel walkthrough is worth the price of the book alone, as Mike will show you how to link all the cells together, take past production into account when evaluating future stats, and accurately decide just how good each player will be in the season ahead. With little to no excel or forecasting experience, you can become a fantasy baseball expert and dominate your fantasy baseball league next season." - Kyle Johnson, Fantasy Team Advice

"Projecting X is a quick and easy read, and if you’re a spreadsheet nerd like me you’ll particularly enjoy creating sheets using Podhorzer’s formulae, then punching in numbers to get projections...Whether you’re into fantasy baseball or just enjoy creating projections, your money will be well spent if you download a copy of Mike Podhorzer’s Projecting X: How To Forecast Baseball Player Performance." - Mike Lynch, Seamheads

"At $9.99, the book is a complete steal. Ultimately, Podhorzer does an amazing job of not only taking advanced stats and articulating them so a simpleton like me can understand, but also making it enjoyable to learn about those advanced stats." - Ian Cumming, The Fake Baseball

"In an era when everyone is privy to the same projections spread across the web, having your own unique, well-reasoned, proprietary set of numbers can make all the difference. If you’ve ever wanted to take the leap and dive headfirst into advanced baseball statistics to win your fantasy league, Projecting X is a good place to start." - Bryan Curley, BaseballProfessor